We are currently looking for 20 People in the JOHNS CREEK area to participate in our 6 week transformation challenge 

Our Program is Designed to Help You:
  • Radically Improve Your Fitness Level
  • Create Habits that Enhance Your Long Term Health 
  • Tone up and Sculpt Lean Muscle
  • ​Drastically Increase Your Confidence
  • ​Upgrade Your Sleep Quality
  • ​Gain More Energy Through Exercise and Proper Nutrition
  • ​Improve Your Overall Quality of Life And So Much More!

Check Out Some of our Alumni!

This place is truly is amazing! I did the 6 Week Challenge and saw more results than I've ever seen in my life-seriously. I officially joined as a member and couldn't be happier w/ the group of people that are IRON TRIBE!!! If you are considering trying it out.....Do it. It's life changing and provides you w/ such an amazing community."
I am not a gym person. However, it came time and I had to do something about my health. I wanted to try out Iron Tribe and I did. I have lost over 25 pounds in my first 6 weeks of joining and I am feeling good and motivated to go on their regiment probably for the rest of my life. Health is wealth, good health is your lottery ticket!"


These are not boring, run of the mill workouts. These are effective, science backed workouts coached by our expert  trainers. All Fitness Levels have completed this program and our coaches are here to help modify, instruct and teach so that you can get the best workout possible. And the best part is, our workouts are short! (only 45mins) and we have classes all throughout the day. As long as you could make 3 classes a week, you are good to go!


Our mission is to guarantee that anyone who walks through our doors, walks out with the results they've always wanted. That's where the accountability system comes into play to keep you motivated and on track. 


Life is too short for bad food. That's why we have created a nutrition plan that still allows you to eat like a normal human being while still getting the reSults you have always wanted! Are nutrition plans are built to keep you fueled up and satisfied as you lose body fat and sculpt lean muscle throughout your 6 week journey. 
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